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Ryokan Torikou is located in a village of Matsudaira where ancestors of Tokugawa shogun had lived before 15th century. Now here's calm place. You can relax and enjoy Japanese traditional dinners in Torikou.

All rooms are Japanese-style using common 3 bathrooms.


The Ryokan Torikou is close to Ohryu valley of Matsudaira and has three types of common baths such as a Japanese cypress, a rock and an open air bath.
As this is a cozy small inn, many Japanese houseguests have prefered to have dinner parties with thier friends and colleagues.You can also order the following special dinners during your stay.


1.Kaiseki Dinner (JP Yen 3,000.)
2.Ayu fish Dinner(JP Yen 1,500.)
3.Charcoal Barbecue(JP Yen 1,000.)
4.Japanese Hot-Pot Dinner(JP Yen 2,000.)

Accommodation Type Inn
Name Ryokan Torikou
Region Aichi, Tokai
Address 20 Atoyama,Nabeta-cho, Toyota, Aichi
Access (Train)
From Tokyo: Tokyo (JR) -> Toyohashi (JR) -> Higashi Okazaki (Meitetsu Line) [* Change for Asuke : 40 minutes by bus ] -> Nabeta
From Nagoya: Nagoya -> Toyota (Meitetsu Mikawa Line)
* We will drive you to Torikou from Toyota station if you will give us an estimated time of your arrival.
Check-in Time / Check-out Time From 5:00 p.m. / To 10:00 a.m.
Telephone / Facsimile Telephone: 0565-58-0122
Facsimile: 0565-58-0132
E-mail Address torikou@hm2.aitai.ne.jp
Credit card bank transfer or cash
Room Rates Room for 1 person : From JPYen 6,000. including dinner,breakfast and tax.
If you do not need a dinner, the room rate is from JP Yen 4,500. including breakfast and tax.
Please ask when you make a reservation.
Room Amenities Yukata, informal cotton kimono
Air Conditioned Room
What's Nearby Toyota City
Matsudaira no SatoMatsudaira no Sato is a place where ancestors of Tokugawa shogun had lived before 15th century.
Asuke - Asuke Hachimangue shrine was built in 655.
Okazaki city

Ryokan Torikou

Address 〒444-2205 20 Atoyama, Nabeta-cho, Toyota, Aichi(Tokai Japan)
Toll free dial 0120-610261 / Telephone 0565-58-0122 / Facsimile 0565-58-0132